First day in preparation

Roberto is getting ready for the competition and will accompany you throughout the process. Watch the opening part of our series - the first day in preparation.

How I gained 12kg in 10 days

Not a pound like a pound! Can you imagine gaining 12kg (26 pounds) in a few days and still without remorse? :) Is it good or bad? How will it continue?

How to lose weight for swimsuit season

Today we will talk about how to prepare for the summer season. It consists of two equally challenging points: 1. buy a sexy swimsuit. 2. lose weight so you can get into it :)


In this video, we'll show you the basic bodybuilding poses you'll be showing at the contest (if you'll work a bit on it)

DPM crew – Martin Cambal: fulfilling dreams

How does it look when you are fulfilling your long-time dream? Overcoming obstacles, clarifying priorities, long-term learning ... more in this video featuring Martin.


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