About us

FITINFO.com is a web portal dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We’d like to help both beginners and advanced, provide them with expert advice, motivation, advice, example – so that we all are getting more healthy and beautiful 🙂 We focus on natural bodybuilding. Those of us who compete are under the INBA banner.

There is a video section for the fans of moving images – we will make at least one video per week, which will appear on the page over the weekend. The videos are in Slovak language with English subtitles.In case there are no subtitles shown by default, please switch it on manually.

We have also prepared the recipes section for gourmands. You will find one new video-recipe every week on the website, plus there are recipes with detailed descriptions in the article form.

For people who are interested in getting more systematically educated and getting into the overall picture of the issue, we are preparing the basics section. Step by step, we will cover all of the basic concepts and knowledge.

The website is mainly handled by Dan, who is also the author of the Basics section. Recipes are prepared by Dominica and Karin. Paul, Dominica, Karin and Rob and Paul’s brother Martin make up a group of DPM crewnatural, the author of all the videos on the site.

For more about us, contacts and more info, please see the authors’ profiles, and see also individual members profiles in our video section on DPM Crew.

e-mail: info@fitinfo.com (see also the contact page)