Why is posing important?

Why is posing important? Is it actually important at all? Who should focus on it? See a new video where Martin answers this questions and tells us his opinion.

How to lose weight for swimsuit season

Today we will talk about how to prepare for the summer season. It consists of two equally challenging points: 1. buy a sexy swimsuit. 2. lose weight so you can get into it :)

How to gain muscle

Today on the topic of gaining muscle mass: is it possible to gain it or not? how long does it take? is there a difference between men and women? what can we do for it?

How to prepare for competition

How to prepare for competition? Watch the video and see also Paul's article on this topic.


In this video, we'll show you the basic bodybuilding poses you'll be showing at the contest (if you'll work a bit on it)


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