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How to lose weight for swimsuit season

Today we will talk about how to prepare for the summer season. It consists of two equally challenging points: 1. buy a sexy swimsuit. 2. lose weight so you can get into it 🙂

Quick recipe for salmon

Make an omelet from the eggs, prepare the fillets, wrap the salmon in an omelette and put in the oven for 20 minutes, 180 degrees. Bon appetit 🙂

First day in preparation

Roberto is getting ready for the competition and will accompany you throughout the process. Watch the opening part of our series - the first day in preparation.

Reasonable weight loss principles – I.

During my work as a personal trainer, I usually meet people who are not able to lose weight, although they have the will and do something for it. In practice, they often repeat the same mistakes.

Is genetics important?

I devote my whole life to this sport and I can clearly say that genetics certainly has some influence. There are people who can practice work out for 5 years, and some who exercise for just two years and they will look similar.


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