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Dominica – how I became national champion

What do you have to go through before you become number one in your homeland? The path was not easy, but our Dominica has finished it and reached her dream goal!

Shoulder training

Today another video from a series of training recommendations. See a selection of the best shoulder exercises and their correct execution by Paul and Roberto.

Paul – a journey from introvert to bodybuilding vice-champion

And here we have the last member of our gang, Paul. Did he always look like this, or did it require some work to achieve it? You can find out in the video 🙂

First competition in the 2019 season

This is what a natural bodybuilding competition looks like. Lightning report from the event with the participation of our guys. What do you think, will they achieve any results? Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

Healthy quick burger

When you feel like having a burger, there's no need to go to McDonald's! Try our healthy version of this delicacy and go to sleep with a clear conscience.


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