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How to prepare for competition

How to prepare for competition? Watch the video and see also Paul's article on this topic.

Michal Križánek – the biggest biceps seminar

DPM crew is heading to the seminar of Michal Križánek, IFBB national champion and Arnold Classic Europe winner. Measurement of some of his body parts is also part of the plan!

First day in preparation

Roberto is getting ready for the competition and will accompany you throughout the process. Watch the opening part of our series - the first day in preparation.

First competition in the 2019 season

This is what a natural bodybuilding competition looks like. Lightning report from the event with the participation of our guys. What do you think, will they achieve any results? Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

Why is posing important?

Why is posing important? Is it actually important at all? Who should focus on it? See a new video where Martin answers this questions and tells us his opinion.


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