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Lava pie

Today we'll prepare a tasty snack - lava cake with a grated coconut. As all of our recipes, this one is both delicious and healthy 🙂

Introduction to nutritional supplements

Describing nutritional supplements is a complex topic, so this article will be more general, and in the future we can address each such supplement separately.

How to make easy risotto? – perfect recipe for muscle building

Our two members, Martin and Rob, will show you what delicacy they have prepared for you today.

Healthy poppy-blueberry donuts

Here we have another quick recipe for your favorite delicacy, but in a healthy version. And remember that a decent dose of antioxidants is included in the blueberries for free 😉

Quick recipe

Put it in a pan, let it fry lightly, pour into a blender, mix, serve. What is it? Our healthy quick recipe to try!


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