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How to cook quickly? Broccoli cream

Today we are introducing a recipe for broccoli soup a.k.a. broccoli cream. Quick and cheap recipe, and a very decent combination for your taste buds ­čÖé

Michal Kri┼ż├ínek – the biggest biceps seminar

DPM crew is heading to the seminar of Michal Kri┼ż├ínek, IFBB national champion and Arnold Classic Europe winner. Measurement of some of his body parts is also part of the plan!

Quick recipe for avocado bread

When we talk about fitness food, we usually do not mean pastries. But avocado bread? That's something else ­čÖé See our current quick recipe.

Basic exercises and related mistakes

Today, Rob and Paul will show us how to do this when you want to lift weights like a boss. Or do not? You'll see for yourself.

Renata Zajceva national go-kart champion – dpm free time

Check the new video and a short interview with the Slovakian go-kart champion and join our Easter contest that starts tomorrow!


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