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Dominica Aranyosi (INBA) is a national bikini fitness 2018 ?champion. In addition, she cooks healthy and tasty meals, so no wonder she's the main contributor to the recipe section on our site.

Date dainty

Don't you know what new to try on Easter? Give this dainty a chance and you'll certainly not regret! It's fast, healthy and tasty.

griddlecakes a.k.a. pancakes

In a jar, mash the bananas with a fork, add the eggs, oatmeal, and mix thoroughly. Heat up a pan and spread some coconut oil on it. Form tiny pancakes using a spoon and bake on both sides.

Fit sheep cheese dumplings

Sheep cheese (bryndza) dumplings, traditional Slovak food that reminds me of my childhood. As we all know, it's no healthy dainty, rather a calorie meal at cheating day.

Healthy pizza

Today we will prepare something very tasty, which almost everyone likes - a salty pizza in a healthy version (see also this article.)

Plum dumplings by our grandmothers

Pour the oatflakes into the jar and grind it to powder with an immersion mixer. Add 3 cooked mashed potatoes and some salt. Mix it all together using your hands...


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