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Paul Cambal (INBA) has three silver medals from natural bodybuilding national championship. He also finished 5th and 6th at the World Championship. Moreover, he's a long-time personal trainer at Kajangym Studio, where he has helped many clients to fulfill their bodybuilding goals. See also Paul's profile video.

Paul – a journey from introvert to bodybuilding vice-champion

And here we have the last member of our gang, Paul. Did he always look like this, or did it require some work to achieve it? You can find out in the video :)

Is genetics important?

I devote my whole life to this sport and I can clearly say that genetics certainly has some influence. There are people who can practice work out for 5 years, and some who exercise for just two years and they will look similar.

Introduction to nutritional supplements

Describing nutritional supplements is a complex topic, so this article will be more general, and in the future we can address each such supplement separately.

Briefly about proteins

Today, we are going to talk about nutrition in relation to strength training, and we'll focus on the core component of muscle building - protein.

Preparation for contest

Taking part in the competition and coming out on a stage is a feeling that is really worth it. But there is a long and challenging preparation you need to undertake to reach your goal. What is it all about?


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