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The DPM crewnatural gang consists of: Paulie Cambal, Martin Cambal, Dominica Aranyosi, Karin Hatina and last but not least, Roberto Burian. See also DPM Crew profile video.

Shoulder training

Today another video from a series of training recommendations. See a selection of the best shoulder exercises and their correct execution by Paul and Roberto.

How I gained 12kg in 10 days

Not a pound like a pound! Can you imagine gaining 12kg (26 pounds) in a few days and still without remorse? :) Is it good or bad? How will it continue?

First competition in the 2019 season

This is what a natural bodybuilding competition looks like. Lightning report from the event with the participation of our guys. What do you think, will they achieve any results? Keep your fingers crossed :)

Why is posing important?

Why is posing important? Is it actually important at all? Who should focus on it? See a new video where Martin answers this questions and tells us his opinion.

DPM Crew – why did we arise and what is our goal?

A little introduction to the issue of DPM crew and its individual members, how did it all begin, how did we get together, and what is waiting for all of us.


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