Plum dumplings by our grandmothers

Pour the oatflakes into the jar and grind it to powder with an immersion mixer. Add 3 cooked mashed potatoes and some salt. Mix it all together using your hands...

Healthy pizza ♥♥♥♥

Pizza !!! Yummy, tomatoes, ham, chilli and the divinely baked cheese :) It tastes so gooood you simply can't resist.

Shrek’s drink

Simple preparation: everything except ice is thrown into a blender and mixed. Pour the cocktail into a pitcher together with ice and serve.

Healthy quick burger

When you feel like having a burger, there's no need to go to McDonald's! Try our healthy version of this delicacy and go to sleep with a clear conscience.

Quick recipe

Put it in a pan, let it fry lightly, pour into a blender, mix, serve. What is it? Our healthy quick recipe to try!


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